Friday, February 26, 2016

{Boys Can Wear Pink} Part II

If you have been following me for a while, you may remember me participating in a blog series this time last year called Boys Can Wear Pink! You can read last year's post HERE. I had such a blast creating something for my boys to help try and break the gender stereotyping associated with the color pink. This year, we are back at it again.

Not only did I use the color pink this year, I also added in some characters from one of my son's favorite shows....My Little Pony! I made the Quad Tee from Addie K Designs to create a fun color blocked tee for him. OMG, is he in love! It's quite a loud shirt, but boy does he wear it proudly!

Something you may or may not know about me, but I talk about often, is that I homeschool my children. You may be wondering why I am sharing this tidbit with you right now!?! Well, I really feel that my kids have an advantage in doing so. You see, gender stereotyping is everywhere, which really is a form of bullying. Being that my kids are at home with me, I feel as though they don't get that pressure that a lot of kids do to dress a certain way, wear certain colors, buy from certain stores. For that I am thankful because, boy, did I feel that pressure as a child. They are so free with their likes and dislikes, without a care in the world, and I hope that by the time they DO get out into the reality of the harsh world, they are so secure with themselves that they don't give one thought about it. They are able to be their own person without the influence of other, and for that I am so grateful!

Ok, enough about the politics though, let's get onto the fun! Like I said, I used the Quad Tee from Addie K Designs to create our look. I had a nice My Little Pony graphic print that has been sitting in my stash for quite sometime, and I was really feeling it with this project. I added in a punch of my son's favorite color {orange} and a little of mine {turquoise} and it yielded such a fun tee.

I actually tested the Quad Tee last year and is still to this day one of my favorites! I couldn't even tell you how many we have made. Such a fun, quick and satisfying sew. I also love that it works great with those scraps that you may be hoarding, being that it is color blocked and you really don't use too much fabric. It comes in sizes XXS (2-3) to L (10-12) with the option of a pocket. The pocket is super fun, but I normally leave it out since it's a bit quicker sew...that and I cannot serge around the pocket...I am a bit lazy at times. If you leave the pocket off though, it's the quickest serger project ever. You can find the pattern included in the 'S' Is for Sewing Ebook from Sewing With Boys.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and make sure to check out all the other stops in the tour! I had a great time creating this look, and my son is having an awesome time sporting the look. Come back soon for more inspiration!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

{For the Love of Tunics & Dresses} Tour

Hey y'all! Today is my stop on the Love Notions For the Love of Tunics & Dresses Blog Tour! When I was invited to participate in this tour, I knew just exactly what I was going to do. You see, the Laundry Day Tee has seriously been my MOST favorite pattern over the past few months. I think that I have made about least 5 now, and seem to wear one almost every day. However, I needed a way to spice it up a little. Something that would be perfect for a casual night out with the hubby. Cue.....Laundry Day Tee Dress!

Omg, this thing is AMAZINGLY comfortable and SUPER simple to make. Have you made a Laundry Day Tee yet? They whip up in less than an hour and the dress is no different, other than the seams are a tad longer on the sides ;)

Let's talk about alterations for a minute. In order to create a LDT Dress, you will need to make a few alterations real quick, but don't fear...they are super simple. First what I did was reprint the pattern...start with a clean slate. After I had it all printed out and taped together, that is when I made the alterations. ***I added a few blank sheets of paper along the bottom to allow room for my new alterations.*** Now, if you take a look at the LDT, you will notice that around the midsection is where is begins to flair out. In order to get a nicely fitted dress you will need to bring that in a bit, and then taper our closer to the skirt. Now don't worry if you are scared to freehand. I wanted a nice full skirt with some motion, so I took a pattern that I liked and mimicked the curve of the skirt. That is where the fun in sewing is created. Mash your patterns together! Take what you like from one and add it to another....or take away. Really the creativity is endless.***Oh, and the LDT is FREE when you join the Love Notions Pattern Support Group on Facebook.***

This is why I absolutely LOVE participating in blog tours. It forces me to think outside of the box and come up with something new, and I cannot tell you how satisfying that is for me. I tend to turn to Pinterest quite a bit for inspiration, and that was no different for this creation. Here was my inspiration image. How did I do? I think that it will be perfect for a nice casual date night out with the hubby...what do you think???

I am excited to be working on my Capsule Wardrobe for Spring and Summer and I just know that this will fit into it just perfectly. Adding in the belt and booties were just perfect too!

Don't forget to check out all the other stops along the way, and enter to win some totally awesome prizes! Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

{Sunday Lately} Week 58

This week's themes: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.

This is my second year homeschooling, so I am still trying to get a good system down. I am constantly reviewing curriculum so that my children get the best education that I can give them. Since starting back after the holidays, I realized that my daughter's spelling curriculum wasn't anywhere near where it should be, so this week I have been working on updating spelling.

This week Facebook reminded me about a sweet dress that I made my daughter 5 years ago. It was my very first venture into sewing knits, and it really didn't go as well as I hoped. The dress turned out beautiful, but it wasn't without a fight. I used some Modkids Interlock and at this time I didn't know about the different recovery on knits and all the jazz that I do now.

This popped up on my timeline from 5 years ago today! It just so happens to be my very FIRST time ever sewing with...
Posted by The Wholesome Mama on Saturday, February 6, 2016

I seriously have been needing to start back eating healthy and getting regular exercise, so this week I started back on my plan and taking daily walks with the kiddos to the park. I feel SO much better when I am eating right!

I had a blast joining in on the fun on the Sew Yourself Some Love Blog Tour with Pattern Revolution. I made a really fun outfit and best of all I felt AMAZING! You can find that post HERE.

This weekend I have enjoyed being out by the fire and taking some time to reflect. So many things to be thankful for!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

{Sew Yourself Some Love} 2016

If you have been reading my blog for any period of time you KNOW that I like to sew for myself! With the holidays now behind us and the hustle and bustle of making the kiddos their Christmas outfits and PJ's out of the way, it was time for me to make a little something for myself. Suzanne from Pattern Revolution (and WWD designer) invited myself and a few others to participate in the Sew Yourself Some Love blog tour....of course I couldn't not turn it down!

There are some patterns that I have been wanting to sew for myself for quite a few months, and had planned to add to my fall/winter capsule, but just never got around to it. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to get those sewn up.

First up is the Giverney Blazer by Winter Wear Designs! A blazer....I never thought that I would be one to want to wear a blazer, but the inspiration on Pinterest just looked so promising. I love that the Giverney is cropped! If it was any longer on my frame, I think that it would cut me off. WWD designs her patterns with the hourglass body shape in mind, which works perfect for me. I wavered over whether or not to make it in black, but in the end I figured it was the best choice and I would get good use out of it...perfect layering staple. The fabric is simply a black twill from Joann's, but nice and sturdy and worked great for the job at hand.

Next I tried out the Slim Fit Raglan from Pattern for Pirates. I am a big fan of really all of her Women's patterns, so naturally I had to get this one to try out. I was nervous that it would be a little too slim for my body, so I did taper out the sides an inch just in case. I love that it ended up giving it a little extra flair and worked great underneath my blazer. I am not a super girly girl, but every now and then I love to add a little lace touch to some of my outfits. I constructed the sleeves with stretch lace from Joann's and also added an extra little yoke cutout along the back neckline with the lace. To do this I simply used the back pattern piece to get the shape that I wanted, serged along the edges and zig zagged over the serging...super simple and looks awesome! I am once again impressed with this top and will definitely be making more.

Lastly I made the Aviator Pants from Winter Wear Designs. I have had this pattern for a while now, but kept putting it off because I had not found the perfect fabric for them. I happen to run across some stretch denim at Joann's recently and fell in LOVE!!! Plenty of stretch and amazingly soft to the touch. I also felt the need to add the typical jeans topstitching to them, considering I really needed a new pair of jeans. With the stretch waistband, functional front pockets and welt pockets in the back, these are simply the best "cheater" jeans EVER!!! I did have to make just a few alterations to the pattern including: adding 3" to the length, adding 2" to the back rise and 1" to the front rise. I didn't make a muslin on these, but did take some pretty detailed measurements of myself beforehand resulting in the perfect form-fitting pair of pants. Once again, WWD designs for the hourglass shape so I was golden on the shape, just needed to get the height right. I am so thankful for all of the testing that I do that has given me a great wealth of knowledge in the correct fitting of clothing. It really makes a huge difference when your clothes fit your body correctly. ***I am sorry that I did not get better pics of the pockets. I will try to edit and add as soon as I can.***

I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to use these patterns in my look today. Two of these patterns were given to me but, as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please make sure to go check out all the other stops along the way, and check back each day!

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