Monday, December 14, 2015

{Li'l Laundry Day Tee} by Love Notions

Well, Tami did it again! The girl's version of the Laundry Day Tee (affiliate link) is now available with extended sizing from 2T to 16!!!

As usual, it comes with a TON of options. Four different necklines, including cowl, asymmetrical, hoodie/gnome hoodie and regular banded neckline. Five different sleeves including tank, cap, elbow, 3/4 length, and long with instructions on making them bishop sleeves. And last but not least, there are 3 different lengths; shirt, tunic and dress. Added bonus include inseam pockets!

Like I always say, Tami is the Queen of Options, and I just love all of her patterns because of it. Extremely versatile and well worth the price.

My daughter is plus size, and I was able to sew up the size 16 with a size 10 tunic length and the fit is spot on. She has not wanted to take it off the past few days, which is awesome considering the fact she is hard to fit.

Head on over to grab the Li'l LDT, and go ahead and use code 'forthegirls' for 20% off!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

{Pretty Woman} Six Degrees of Separation

I'm next on this fun tour...Six Degrees of Separation! I have to be honest and say that I was not familiar at all with the Kevin Bacon it is called, however I was very intrigued by it. After doing a bit of research, I was surprised to see just how crazy it is that he is linked to....well, just about every movie in some way or another. I really never viewed Kevin Bacon as being that hot of an actor, but I guess he is!

We went with just one degree of separation for the movies, so NO, not everything is connected to Kevin Bacon. Oh, but you'll see it all come around full circle. PROMISE! As we planned for this tour an picked spots, it got a bit crazy...really! My movie geek brain came out and I had to type fast to secure my spot. I missed out of a few of my first choices, but in the end I am super happy with the one that I chose...Pretty Woman! Seriously one of my favorite movies.

[image credit: IMDB]
Growing up, Julia Roberts was my FAVORITE actress, so naturally I would pick something with her in it. If you have been following along on the tour you will know that Karly from Paisley Roots was before me with Notting Hill, making the connection with Hugh Grant, which I then came in for Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts, whom was also in Notting Hill...see the one degree of separation there?!?! It sure can get confusing, but so fun too.

[image credit: Now That's Lingerie]

I started doing my homework (seriously, watching a movie for homework...yes please) by paying close attention to the clothes and outfits that were in the movie. This wasn't hard at all, considering the fact that half the movie is about her wardrobe. In the end I ultimately decided to go out on a HUGE limb here, and sew a piece of lingerie. Um....what?!?! Yes, you heard me...lingerie! You know what the movie is about, right? Well, granted she wore that HUGE fluffy white robe throughout half the movie, I wanted to be a bit more creative and go for what was underneath.

I made the Everyday Essentials nightgown from EYMM for my look. I had some black stretch lace that I got from Joann's as well as some ballet pink knit that I also found in Joann's red tag bin. I decided to layer the pink underneath because, well, lace is see through! I love how putting the pink underneath the lace really kept the feel of the piece, but also made it a bit more modest.

Make sure to visit all the stops along the way and make all the connections! Next up tomorrow will be Rachael from It's Been Taylored. And don't forget to visit Sew The Show as well as on Facbook to stay up to date with all the shenanigans going on. We also invite you to sew your own inspired look from one of the movies along the tour if you choose. You can link up by using the hashtag #sixdegrees or #sewtheshow

Monday, December 7, 2015

{Harbor Hoodie} by Terra's Treasures Designs

Lately I have been asking myself why I have been making so many hoodies. I live in Texas and probably only get to wear them for 3-4 months out of the year. I will take that though! Seriously, hoodie weather....and really wearing hoodies in my favorite time of the year, so why not enjoy it in style!

I was given the opportunity to test the Harbor Hoodie by Terra's Treasures recently, and it will not disappoint. Yes, it is a 'must have' to add to your collection of patterns, in case you were wondering.

I used a super stretchy sweater knit from Joann's for the outer, and a microfleece for the inner, making it amazingly warm and cozy. I do not recommend using a sweater knit for the outer because mine became pretty slinky and sags a little, although it is really not noticeable.

I really like the wrap feature, including the button tab on the inside, because it hold everything into place and you don't need to worry about the piercing cold wind blowing in. The ties bring the waist in a bit, slimming the waistline, and who wouldn't want that!?! The hood is also a great feature for keeping warm on  those cold nights. Sizes XXS-3X.

You can find the pattern HERE!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

{Fairport Purse} Radiant Home Studio 2nd Anniversary

Hey guys! I am here today blogging along with Radiant Home Studio 2nd Anniversary Blog Tour. I first heard of Sara's patterns on a small blogging group fairly recently when she spoke of doing this tour for her patterns. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to try out her patterns.

Because I am such a sucker for zip pouches, I chose the Fairport to sew up! I have to say that I was WOWED at all the options that Sara included in the pattern.

Included options:
  • zip closure
  • snap tab closure
  • magnetic snap closure
  • two sizes
  • wrist strap
  • shoulder strap
  • no strap
 You can make so many different purses with that many options. Even better, I create my own additional options. The outer part of the purse has gathers in the original pattern, but I wanted a super simple pouch, so I omitted them and instead cut 2 extra lining pieces for the outer. I also omitted the strap because I needed something that I could put my makeup in and throw in my purse.

The pleats along the bottom corners give extra room for packing more important goodies into it. By doing the super simple pouch, it would make the perfect gift for Christmas, or even a super special "gift wrap".

I used a scrap of one of my favorite fabrics for the yoke outer and lining, and for the outer I used a medium weight denim suiting and I just love the way that it turned out! I learned something new too. The instructions that Sara gives for installing the zipper was new to me, and I always like to learn new things to add to my repertoire.

If you would like to try one of Sara's patterns, now is the time! She is having a sale for 20% off using code 'birthdaycelebration' through 12/11/15.

Also, if you would like to follow along and check out what other bloggers have made to showcase on this tour, you can find the schedule here:

Radiant Home Studio 2nd Birthday Celebration:

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

Monday, November 30, 2015

{ADVTee} by Sofilantjes

Have you seen the ADVTee (affiliate link) by Sofilantjes yet? It was released earlier this month, and it is just adorable! What drew me to this pattern, was the two different neck options. Option A is a simple V neck, and option B has a contrasting yoke with snaps (for kiddos with those big noggins). I just love the added bit of detail that option B gives, so I had to showcase that here today.

There are just so many options that you can utilize with this shirt. Great for using up scraps! Hoarding some of your favorite knit??? The yoke on option B takes just a measly scrap of fabric, but it is what makes this tee stand out from above the rest. I LOVE colorblocking options. Shoot. I think that it would be fun to use a different fabric for each piece...overkill??? I will definitely have to try it.

As many options as there are for this tee, I decided to go fairly simple for this look. I was going for a glorified pj look ;) How did I do? Each year I make each of my kids a pair of pj's for Christmas, so when I signed up for this tour, I figured that it would be a great opportunity to get started on them. I have been hoarding this Christmas knit from Riley Blake Fabrics for a few months now (why do Christmas fabrics have to be released so early in the year) in search of the perfect pj pattern to showcase. I just loved how well this pattern worked with it! I also paired Sofilantjes Domi Sweatpants with the tee for a complete look. The two tie together so well!

Even though I used these patterns for pajamas, they are perfect for an everyday outfit as well! I cannot wait to make more of these for my son. The tee is a slimmer fit in the chest, and my younger son is on the thinner side, so it fits him very well. The ADVTee is available in sizes 12 months to 14 years, so you can get a lot of use out of it over the years.

Alrighty, well how about a discount?!? You can't say no to that! Anne is offering a 20% discount from November 30th to December 6th with code "CELEBRATE".

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers on the tour!

Call Ajaire - Straight Grain - Nononsonsmoms

***The patterns used in this post were given to me for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. Affiliate links used in post***

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

{Women's Bateau Garden Dress} by Winter Wear Designs + fitting tips

Oh MY! I just had to share the Women's Bateau Garden Dress with y'all! Would you just take a look at, let me give you a little virtual twirl...

Ugh, it is just beautiful! The bodice features princess seams to fit your curves in all the right places, a waistband hitting you at the smallest point of your waist, and the option of a pleated circle skirt (pictured) or rectangle pleated skirt. Although I am not normally a fan of super high necklines, this boatneck is just gorgeous with the scoop back neck, and hits at just the right spot. Available in sizes 00-24.

Optionally, there are instructions included in the pattern to make a pettiskirt for a more full look ( fun is that). Now, I must be honest for a minute here. The pattern gives instructions for an invisible zipper to be installed along one side under the arm, however the fabric that I chose for this, had just the slightest amount of stretch (like 2%), so I was able to pull it over my head without a zipper. I know...CHEATER, cheater, pumpkin eater....sure...give me a pumpkin pie anyday and I will eat it ;)

Ok, another honest moment here. Rarely do I make muslins when sewing clothes for myself. Mostly in part that I know my shape and where I typically need to add or take away room when altering a pattern. This has come in the last year of sewing and really learning how to fit MY body! Now, two things that I ABSOLUTELY do recommend making muslins of are jeans/woven pants (did you ever see my Real Deal Jeans, also by Winter Wear Designs?!?) as well as woven dresses/tops...pretty much anything woven since there is no give...knits are a bit more forgiving. This one was by no means a compromise. The muslin was super quick to sew up though, so after doing so, I just slipped it on, grabbed my clips and figured out where it need to be taken in at. The process takes a bit longer, but in the end it is totally worth it because you have a garment that fits YOU perfectly...and that is the best feeling in the me.

To learn a little more about how to fit yourself properly, here are a few tips:

Try the garment on and mark where and take not of how much the seams need to be taken in. I had someone to help me with this step since it can be tricky to do, especially on a back seam. The largest part that I needed to take in, was under my bust. By pinching it in to where the finished garment should fit, you will get an idea of how much to take it in. (ps. sorry for the big butt shot)

After measuring, I did a quick basting stitch to take it in and tried it back on to see if these alterations would be sufficient. If they are not, take it in a little at a time until you get the fit where you want it....remember PATIENCE!

In my case, I need to take each seam in by 1/2" on the front of the bodice. I took my pattern piece, made a mark 1/2" in on the bottom and a dot at the apex where I needed to stop. As I drew a line up to the apex, I mimicked the curve of the piece as much as possible by tapering in. ***NOTE: When measuring how much to take in the seams, DO NOT take into account the existing seam allowance that you have already sewn.***

Repeat with your front side piece.

Repeat for your back seams if needed.

So, there you have it...some quick tips/tutorial of how to fit yourself. This same process is used when fitting jeans as well. Just a little time and patience is all that it takes.

Now, head on over to Winter Wear Designs, and grab your Women's Bateau Garden dress while it is on sale!!! 25% off making it only $7.50, now through Cyber Monday!

Please let me know if you have any more questions about fitting and I will try my best to answer them.