Friday, November 10, 2017

{Riviera Raglan} from New Horizion Designs

Ok y'all....I am such a sucker for a Raglan these well as hoodies as I mentioned in my last post 😜 So naturally we would just merge those together, correct?!? Hahaha. So, when I came across the Riviera Raglan, I knew it was something that I just had to fit into my wardrobe.

I've seen the tunic sweaters seem to be on trend this year, so when I saw my gorgeous floral hacci from Sly Fox fabrics, I was just too curious about how it would work and decided to cut into it. I used a nice contrasting charcoal hacci for the sleeves and lining of the hood. Both were a real nice weight... as to keep me warm yet not too hot if Texas decided to be bipolar on us!!!

As I mentioned above, this is the Tunic version with a curved hem! I also chose to go with just a straight sleeve as opposed to a cuff that is also available. I just LOVE a great pattern with a slew of options. You can make 100 shirts and they would all look so different...that's when I know I've found a gem. As for the neckline, I made a lined hood, however you also have the option to make an open Henley, Henley, v-neck and crew neck!!! Whoop-Whoop!!!

If you are looking for a great Raglan pattern, check out the Riviera is FULL of options! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

{Sloane} Tour

I am super excited to be sharing about the Sloane Sweater today because it is a LONG time coming. I had never even sewn up a Sloane until just recently because it was one of Tami's first patterns and not available in her 'now' extended-sizing range...which ironically enough I am now in a smaller size and no longer need the XXXL, lol. You may have seen recently that she updated the pattern to not only offer extended sizing, but she has also included a few add-on's to it as well!!!!! It was an AMAZING re-release of the pattern and sure has been a hit. To celebrate, we are making it even BETTER this week and giving you a whole tour dedicated to hacks and various versions of this super versatile pattern!

Friday, September 22, 2017

{Forte Top & Dress} from Love Notions

My gracious...this last month has sure been super trying for me. As most of you know, I am in Texas and unfortunately we are located near where all the flooding around the Houston area occurred. Thankfully we were blessed and our home stayed safe and dry...our neighborhood was an island and we couldn't get out for a number of days due to the flooding around us, but I just have to say that we really, truly were SO lucky! During the storm I also suffered with some major dental issues and was unable to see a dentist for quite some was quite miserable, but thankfully because of the flooding my hubby was able to stay home and take care of me and the kiddos!!!! Anywho, it seems as though it's been ages since I have had a chance to sew, but I am SO GLAD that I was able to hop back into the saddle with this new pattern release from Tami at Love Notions!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

{Bayside/Portlander Skort Hack} New Horizon Patterns

So, I kind of have this problem...I LOVE dresses and skirts, but HATE wearing them. Two words "CHUB RUB". There, I said it! Being a plus-sized gal, I really struggle with my thighs rubbing together making it super uncomfortable to wear skirts and dresses for an extended period of time...and let's face is SO hot right now in Texas so that last thing that I want to do is wear my Spanx. NO THANK YOU!!! So as I tried to figure out a compromise, it kind of slapped me in the face as I thought to just make a skort....DUH...why didn't I think of that sooner!

I came across the Bayside Romper by New Horizon Designs and knew that the skirt portion of the pattern would be absolutely PERFECT to pair also with the Portlander least I hoped that they would pair well together. The first step in my process was to print out the patterns and make any adjustments that I needed for height or rise. I then sized up the patterns and compared them to one another to see how well they matched and of course they both were spot on. I knew at this point that the hack was going to work perfectly!

Using the mini skirt from the Bayside Romper and the shorts cut line from the Portlander Pants, I cut out the main fabric. I used the same fabric for both the skirt and short portion, but feel free to use a coordinate for the skirt if you so choose. For the waist, I used the Portlander Pants waistband and added drawstrings as well. After your pieces are cut, you are ready to assemble. I constructed the Mini Skirt as per the instructions, stopping before it tells you to attach to the well as the shorts and stopped before attaching the waistband. Once you have those completed, you will place the shorts inside the skirt and either baste or clip them together.

Follow the instructions from the Portlander Pants to attach the waistband, paying close attention to ensure that both the skirt and short layers are within the seam. AND YOU'RE DONE! How silly easy was that?!?

And would you just take a look at that GORGEOUS floral? I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with Poly/Rayon/Spandex blends because they are so light and airy, yet have great drape and holds it's shape amazingly!!! You can find this fabric and many more like it over at Sly Fox Fabrics!!! This is the "Breezy" print in the color denim.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you again next time!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

{Studio Jumpsuit} from Sew Straight Pattern Co.

ACK!! I am SO super excited to share this gem with you FINALLY!!!! Terri has been super HUSH HUSH with the details of this pattern, but the cat is finally out of the bag, and let me tell's something you are going to want to grab now!!!! The Studio Jumpsuit from Sew Straight & Gather Patterns.

{Hip Hop Tank} Tour

Hello everyone and WELCOME to day one of the Hip Hip Tank Tour! I think it's one of those patterns that is so often forgotten about, but we are here to CHANGE that baby!!! We have a lineup full of inspiration and hacks for you to get you through the last little bit of summer that is left, and stay cool in style.

Monday, June 26, 2017

{Sew Americana} 2017 Tour

Hey y'all, and welcome back to the Sew Americana 2017 edition!!! Fourth of July sure is a holiday that I have really come to enjoy...for not only celebrating, but decorating and sewing for. I just adore gathering with friends, eating good food, shooting off fireworks and just enjoying the community that we have built around us. We have some pretty AMAZING neighbors! I also have met and come to know some pretty amazing sewing and blogging friends in the process as well!!!

If you haven't checked out last years tour, I encourage you to because there was some amazing talent and projects that went down....I created some super easy and fun DIY decor that you can check out {HERE}. I fully expect this year to be just as awesome, of course!

I decided to go with something for myself this year, considering the last patriotic top that I made myself is now a bit faded...and probably I needed to spice up my wardrobe a little bit, but wasn't too sure which direction to go. I had my fabric planned out WAY before I knew what I wanted to do, but just couldn't decide what to do. That WAS....until I saw this awesome color-blocked tee that Katy made recently! I have color-blocked a few things, but to be honest, don't really think to do it very often. WHY NOT?!? It adds so much interest and detail to garments and can transform those patterns that you seem to make over and over into something completely NEW...ask me how I know?!? Then I knew what I had to do...

I decided on the Laundry Day I said. Yes...the Laundry Day Tee AGAIN!!! Y'all, it seriously is my favorite pattern EVER! I cannot seem to get enough of it. The weather has been pretty darn toasty here, so I have been wanting to make some more tank tops to get through the summer. I ALSO need to make myself some new shorts, so to bypass the shorts-making I decided a dress would be nice. So THERE! I finally had made a decision...Laundry Day Tee Tank Dress...gone color-blocked!!!!!!! AAAAAAND of you haven't heard already, the LDT got an update to better streamline all the options available as well as the sizing and you bet I used it for my make sure to keep an eye out for the update coming VERY SOON!!!!

The fabrics that I chose are from Sly Fox of my most favorite shops these days! I love the variety that she has in both knits and wovens, PLUS one of my favorite things that I like is that she goes LIVE in her group on stocking days to show you everything...stretch, color and drape so that you know exactly what to expect when you receive your happy mail! ***Added bonus is that she sends a color-catcher in each box so that you don't have issues when washing your pretties!!!! AMAZING customer service!! Unfortunately the floral I used, SBP Glory, is currently out of stock...but you can still grab the DBP Navy with White Dots and the DBP Navy with White Stripes from her site!

In case you don't know how to color-block a pattern {HERE} is a great tutorial from Love Notions!! Once I had my brain wrapped around how exactly I wanted my dress to look, it was super simple. Because the color-blocking wasn't going to be symmetrical, I printed out a duplicate and taped along the fold line to have a full pattern...drew my line...added my seam allowance...and voila! I just LOVE the length of this dress...nice and casual...and not too flashy...and by flashy I don't mean fancy ;)

Thank you so much for tuning in for a whole new year, and I encourage you to check out all the other totally awesome posts and talent!

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