{Miss Mary Mack Tunic} by Love Notions

The weather has not been the greatest here in Texas...or anywhere else for that matter ;) As much as I LOVE the colder weather, my kids are getting antsy and wanting to run around and play outside (and I am desperate for them too) because, being a home-school mama, sometimes it is nice to be able to send them outside for a few minutes of quiet!!!!! Am I right, or am I right?!?!?

When Tami, over at Love Notions, announced the Miss Mary Mack, I just knew that it would be just the perfect addition to my daughter's wardrobe in anticipation of the warm weather that will be coming all too soon. She loves clothing that is roomy, comfy, and easy to run around and move in, so my hopes before sewing up this pattern were that it would meet all those needs!

My thoughts after sewing this pattern....SHE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! I just get so excited with each new pattern that Love Notions releases, because she does such a great job of offering articles of clothing that are simple, yet unique...EVERY SINGLE TIME! A few things that really stand out to me in this pattern are the options....so many options, but I will get to those in a minute. I know that Tami is truly dedicated to her work. Do you want to know why? During testing she asked us what WE wanted....what kind of sleeves did WE want. Now THAT is customer service if you ask me...and she delivered...above expectations!

Ok, ok...enough of my gushing about her awesome patterns. Lets get down to the details!!!!

{About the Pattern}

So, let's talk about those options!!! The four sleeve options include cap, gathered cap, flutter and long sleeve. Quite a few of the testers also paired the long sleeve with the flutter....so let's just make that FIVE!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! The two bodice options include straight or curved. I just love the gathered bodice in both the front and the back, giving it that roomy and comfy feeling. For my bodice I actually used an old t-shirt of mine that I had in the scrap pile...you know...because the colors matched ;) The floral was jersey knit that I scored on sale for $1.99/yard...WHAT....costing me around $2 to make this!!!! I added a few buttons to the bodice for added flair because I have LOADS of buttons in my stash.

My daughter absolutely adores this and I just know that I will be making a ton more...I even have a few hacks up my sleeve that are in the works, so stay tuned! Right now you can grab the Miss Mary Mack for only $6 until Saturday, March 14th, so run over and grab it.



  1. Thank you for the great review! It's always a pleasure to work with you and your daughter. <3

  2. So perfect for spring! You have a gorgeous model!


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