{Calvin Cargos} Momma Quail Pattern Tour

I can't stay away from pattern tours. They are just too much fun to stay away! When Momma Quail announced her's I knew that I definitely had to sign up. I have just about all of her patterns, including the Calvin Cargos that I will be talking about today.

Momma Quail is a fairly new designer, but she has definitely proved to be one of my favorites...especially for my boys. Her designs are so unique and the detail in her instructions are just impeccable!

When I read through the instructions for the Calvin Cargos, I will say that I was a bit intimidated at first. Putting together the pattern and cutting out all the pieces was a bit intimidating too...so many pieces. Remember how I said her designs were unique though? THIS is what makes her designs different. Once I sat down and read through the instructions a few more times and got a really good feel for what I was doing, I was able to calm down a bit and start planning them.

Originally I was going to make them a solid color, but I was trying to use up some extra scraps of fabric that I had a plethora of. I ran out of one color, so I continued on with another. Let me tell you. Seeing the finished result, I am SO GLAD that I did so. They turned out so AWESOME, that I am definitely going to be making a few more pair for both of my boys! If you are not scared to step out of your comfort zone, this is a great project for using up some larger scraps. How much fun would it be to color block them even more than I did?!? Lots of options.

I think that these pants are so versatile as well. You can go big or go home, like I did, or you can do a simple pair without all the pockets. Either way, I just adore the detailing on these. So many little pockets that are perfect for the little ones...what little kid doesn't stuff their pockets with little trinkets? Yep, these are perfect.

Amy has graciously given an amazing discount for her patterns for the length of this tour. Use the coupon code "MQPATTERNTOUR" for 30% off in the Etsy shop through 11/21/15. This is going to be the biggest Momma  Quail Pattern sale in November - don't wait til Black Friday!

There is also a giveaway with three people winning one pattern of choice each.

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  1. These are great - love the bright colours, so fun! I'm going to have to try these for my little man!

  2. These pants are so much fun!!! I love how the turned out! Thanks for being on the tour :)


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