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My sewing has not been as active recently as it has been in the past, and I have really been missing it. I just LOVE taking inspiration images and gorgeous fabrics and turning them into a wardrobe that fits me perfectly!!!! Laela Jayne Patterns invited me to join them on their Plaid and Boots Tour, and I was much obliged...especially since I love Fall...and plaid...and my boots of course ;) It was a great excuse for me to get my butt in gear and create some new clothing for the impending cooler weather...hopefully!

Although this outfit was not inspired by a specific image, I immediately knew what direction that I wanted to go once I saw the pattern. The A-line silhouette of the Tula Tunic is perfect for my shape and I was super excited to use some woven fabrics for a change. Art Gallery so graciously sponsored the fabrics for both this outfit!!! The voile that I used was one that I have had my eyes on for almost a year...and let me tell you, it is SO MUCH prettier in person. It is extremely soft and buttery and has great drape to it, making the perfect fit for the Tula.

So, let's chat about the Tula Tunic for a moment. As I mentioned, this pattern calls for woven fabric, which was such a nice change to the almost solely knit wardrobe that I own...I mean they ARE more comfortable, but I feel like a grown up in my nice woven blouse as well.

It was a much faster sew than I had originally expected, due mostly to the fact that I assumed that I would need to insert a side zipper. There are two lined versions; fully or partially lined, and I felt that partially lined was just fine for this choice of fabric, therefore there was plenty of ease to not need a zipper!!!! YAY...I sure dodged that bullet. Lol! My measurements fit exactly into the 2X for my bust and 3X for my hips, so I just graded out at the hips and the top fits me PERFECTLY! It is extremely comfortable, and is going to make a great outfit for Thanksgiving!

I decided that the newly released Taylor Leggings would pair well together with my Tula Tunic and make for an even more comfortable outfit to wear for Thanksgiving! They were a breeze to sew up, with only 2 seams, and alterations were very minimal. I added 4" to the back rise and 2" to the front rise, which is typical for me, and they worked out fabulously. I used Art Galley knit in Licorice for the Taylors, however I would recommend something with a bit higher spandex percentage, as these did not recover well after just a short wear time.

Make sure to join the Laela Jayne Facebook group for a code to get the Taylor Leggings for FREE through the rest of the year!

And, for a comfy relaxed outfit for Thanksgiving, why not whip you up a Sydney Slouchy Raglan!!! It was another super quick sew, however I made a few adjustments. I added 3" to the length, shortened the neckband  by 1/2" to slim it down a little and made a scoop neck as opposed to the v-neck. All were very easy and straight-forward adjustments to make. 

Is that not just the most awesome panel?!? Myrna from Moon Man Printing so graciously sent it to us to sew up. The knit is amazingly soft and has a nice drape to it, making it perfect for the Sydney.

I had a blast coming up with a Thanksgiving Day look, and I hope that you have something up your sleeve with comfort in mind. If you like the patterns that I have shared today, make sure to check out Laela Jayne Patterns...and you can get a few things on sale for 20% off through the end of the tour with code P&BTOUR20...also make sure to visit the other stops along the way!

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  1. I love the Tula! The partial lining version is seriously a quick sew. I love your versions and the voile was a beautiful choice. Your choices to go with the panel were great too! Enjoy your thanksgiving!

  2. Both beautiful! But I love the colors you picked for the raglan, it's perfect ❤️

  3. Beautiful Thanksgiving outfits!! Love your Tula tunic

  4. With each tour participant making so many amazing looks, it's hard to choose a favorite on each site, but what really caught my eye is your perfect use of the panel! I never would have thought to pair it with the bright yellows you chose and it's divine!

    Everything fits you so well and you look GORGEOUS!

  5. I loved your Tula Tunic. I need to do some sewing with woven and that looks like the perfect pattern!

  6. They look great! I love the Tula as a tunic and how good does that yellow look with the panel!!! <3

  7. I'm loving your Tula! It's beautiful in the voile. Thanks for joining us, it was a pleasure!

  8. I'm so in love with that panel! Love it paired with the yellow. You are totally rocking those outfits.

  9. You look so fantastic in both looks. I really love the Tula Tunic on you and the way you put your look together. Gorgeous!

  10. Ahh, I've had the Tula sitting in my pile of unfinished projects for about a month now, and I really want to go pull it out and finish it tomorrow after seeing yours! It's gorgeous! Love your creations!!!

  11. I think the way you styled the Tula Tunic with the jean jacket is so perfect! What's also perfect is your color-blocking combination on the raglan! Great work!

  12. I know how you feel. Reading blogs at the moment to help get my sewjo back! Love your work!


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