{Studio Jumpsuit} from Sew Straight Pattern Co.

ACK!! I am SO super excited to share this gem with you FINALLY!!!! Terri has been super HUSH HUSH with the details of this pattern, but the cat is finally out of the bag, and let me tell you...it's something you are going to want to grab now!!!! The Studio Jumpsuit from Sew Straight & Gather Patterns.

When I first heard the word 'jumpsuit', I will be honest and say that I was a little nervous. I have never really had much luck with any romper-type/jumpsuit garments, but I have always admired Terri's style, so I trusted her ;) Once she released the line drawings I was IMMEDIATELY in love ad couldn't wait to get once sewn up!

I chose to do the princess seamed tank with palazzo pants, but there are also and handful of other options available including:

  • Princess-Seamed Tank Bodice
  • Crew Neck Sleeveless Bodice
  • Palazzo Pants
  • Shorts
  • Maxi
  • Knee-Length Skirt
  • XXS-4XL

The size range is HUGE on the Studio Jumpsuit and inclusive to the Plus sizes so that made me EXTREMELY happy. I was all over the board for the sizing on this one starting with a 2X for the bust, graded to a 3X at the waist and then 4X for my hips...goodness gracious...but that is why we sew for ourselves right! PERFECT FIT!!!! I would say that the most important part in fitting yourself for a jumpsuit/romper is the rise. We don't want that unsightly....um....well...camel toe...there, I said it. I have seen people do it in a few sewing groups before, but I used a long piece of foil and scrunched it up into a long 'hot dog' shape and measured my rise, marking the crotch center so that I knew how much I needed to add to the front rise vs. back rise. After I figured out all of my grading and lengthening the rise as needed, the actual construction on this is surprisingly very easy.

For fabric, I used some gorgeous floral Liverpool that I had in my stash. I wanted to try with a more stable fabric since the pattern is drafted with negative ease and I didn't want all the lumps and bumps showing. It worked super well (even though my hubby said I looked like I was straight out of the 70's) and felt great and so so comfortable on my body. I am actually excited to wear this in the fall with a jacket and/or scarf to give it a bit more of a casual look too. There are so many different ways to style the Studio Jumpsuit and I am exciting to all the different versions that people come up with.

Make sure to grab the Studio Jumpsuit NOW at a 40% discount through August 3rd making it only $7.20 USD!!!


  1. Look at you in your sassy jumpsuit! On fire, Courtney!!

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