{Bayside/Portlander Skort Hack} New Horizon Patterns

So, I kind of have this problem...I LOVE dresses and skirts, but HATE wearing them. Two words "CHUB RUB". There, I said it! Being a plus-sized gal, I really struggle with my thighs rubbing together making it super uncomfortable to wear skirts and dresses for an extended period of time...and let's face it...it is SO hot right now in Texas so that last thing that I want to do is wear my Spanx. NO THANK YOU!!! So as I tried to figure out a compromise, it kind of slapped me in the face as I thought to just make a skort....DUH...why didn't I think of that sooner!

I came across the Bayside Romper by New Horizon Designs and knew that the skirt portion of the pattern would be absolutely PERFECT to pair also with the Portlander Shorts....at least I hoped that they would pair well together. The first step in my process was to print out the patterns and make any adjustments that I needed for height or rise. I then sized up the patterns and compared them to one another to see how well they matched and of course they both were spot on. I knew at this point that the hack was going to work perfectly!

Using the mini skirt from the Bayside Romper and the shorts cut line from the Portlander Pants, I cut out the main fabric. I used the same fabric for both the skirt and short portion, but feel free to use a coordinate for the skirt if you so choose. For the waist, I used the Portlander Pants waistband and added drawstrings as well. After your pieces are cut, you are ready to assemble. I constructed the Mini Skirt as per the instructions, stopping before it tells you to attach to the bodice...as well as the shorts and stopped before attaching the waistband. Once you have those completed, you will place the shorts inside the skirt and either baste or clip them together.

Follow the instructions from the Portlander Pants to attach the waistband, paying close attention to ensure that both the skirt and short layers are within the seam. AND YOU'RE DONE! How silly easy was that?!?

And would you just take a look at that GORGEOUS floral? I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with Poly/Rayon/Spandex blends because they are so light and airy, yet have great drape and holds it's shape amazingly!!! You can find this fabric and many more like it over at Sly Fox Fabrics!!! This is the "Breezy" print in the color denim.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you again next time!!


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