{Oakley Vest} from Love Notions

So, over the last year or two maybe, I feel like I have been a Pinterest SNOB! I just LOVE to browse what is trendy and current, and apply that to my own wardrobe by using patterns that I already have. It's so super fun to create your own stye like that, isn't it?!? This is the biggest reason why I love to use Love Notions patterns...she just makes it so easy because she keeps on creating such "on trend" patterns. The Oakley Vest that released today is definitely no exception either!!!!

I really can't believe how much I am loving this vest! I have decided that it is the perfect answer to Texas' bipolar weather in fall/winter...lol. I can keep my core nice and warm, but wear short or long sleeves depending on what the forecast is for the day. Nothing brilliant, but it really has been a great addition to my fall wardrobe and functions perfectly.

I chose to make view B in testing which worked out perfectly for me and what I was envisioning, but I am actually really excited to try out the other 2 versions as well. View A is a nice and simple open-front vest that you can use with some super fun fur...and all the testers looked absolutely AMAZING in all that luxuriousness ;) View B is a closed-front using a separating zipper and has just slight shaping as to not look too boxy. View C is similar to B, but has princess seams for a more fitted look.

Each and every one of them that I have seen look just beautiful and so unique on everyone! Added options include patch or inseam pockets, as well as a hooded option that can be used for View B & C!!!

Last month when Tami had the beginning thoughts of creating a vest, I found this amazing buffalo plaid at Joann's (they have really stepped up their apparel fabrics BTW) and knew that I absolutely HAD to have a vest made out of it...they also had a red and black that I decided to grab as well ;) It is a double-sided pre-quilted fabric that is a heathered grey on the opposite side. For the binding, I cheated and just used the pre-made bias tape in black, but it worked out perfectly and saved me a little time!!! I have seen a few people that used some faux leather binding they found online and I plan on grabbing some to try out with a metal seperating zipper for a more sophisticated look as opposed to sporty.

Be sure to go ahead and grab the Oakley Vest while it is on sale....and if you have a little mini, you can grab the girls version as well...or go ahead and save a little $$$ and grab the bundle!!! This is sure to be something that I will get a lot of use out of year-round <3


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