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Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year for SO many reasons...one of which is the decorating. For some reason decorating for Christmas really gets me into the spirit and remembering what it is all about!!! I recently purchased a new saw for myself and put it to use right away, so I had quite the scrap selection of wood to choose from, so I decided to throw together a few easy Christmas decorations.

I have have probably pinned a star like this a million times in various folders because I just love the rustic feel of it...as well as the simplicity. Simplicity is key here...this is the most simple project....literally took me 10 minutes to cut an assemble. Also, the good news is that if you do not own a saw you can STILL make this project too. Alright...let's get into the details!!!

  • (3) 1x2 @ 6 ft.*
  • 8) 1 1/2" wood screws**

I personally had plenty of scraps so I didn't need to purchase any wood for this project. Because it really IS a scrappy project, you can use whatever size wood that you want or have on hand, but I found these 1x2's very easy to work with. *I saw a tutorial online where they used 5 yardsticks so that would be an easy option...also, if you do not own a saw typically your home improvement store will do a few cuts for you, free of charge, so don't be afraid to ask ;) 

  • (5) 1x2 @ 36" 
 Because we are making a star, you will only need 5 pieces. Here I have mine all cut and ready to assemble.

I laid it out on the ground to figure out the best assembly. It was a little tricky to get it to where the points touched so that I could screw it all together nice and flush, but just play with it a little until you get it just right. If you have any clamps, no would be the time to use them ;)

I started out by putting a screw into each point. **Feel free to also use nails here if you do not have a drill, just make sure that they are the correct length. Because there was only one screw holding the points together, you can finagle the star to get it a bit more even if you choose...or you can just leave it wonky!!!!

Can you can see how my center is a bit more even shaped now?!?!

Once I had the shape just right, I added a few more screws to the center potion so it didn't continue to shift around on me. And CONGRATULATIONS...you're done! Now you can decorate it as you choose and place indoors or outdoors. I got a string of white lights to wrap around ours and we are placing it above our garage. It started pouring down rain yesterday so I will update with a picture as soon as it's up!! Just look at it...don't you just love how it glows?!?!

Check out this little scrappy tree that I also made using THIS tutorial and a little chalk paint!!!! I may add a few little woodworking projects in now and again, so if you liked this, make sure you comment below so that I bring you more because these projects are just too fun!!!

Check out all the other fun holiday makes this week to see how THEY are preparing for the holidays!!!


  1. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! - Pat

  2. Ive been wanting to do a scrappy tree!!! And I LOVE stars!!

    1. The tree was super easy too!!! Such fun projects!!!!!

  3. OMFreakingG your site is insanely good! You need to add Supermama to your credentials, gurl~~ and you can work powertools is your superhero strength ;)


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