{Jam Jam Sleepwear} by Love Notions

I had the pleasure of working with Love Notions Sewing Patterns once again on this beautiful project. The Jam Jam Sleepwear quite possibly could be THE cutest pj's that my daughter has ever worn. Once she tried them on, she did not want to take them off. They are her go-to pj's now...when they are clean, she WILL be wearing them. The attention to the smallest of details on these is just amazing. Tami, you have outdone yourself again!

{About the Pattern}
  • Size 2T-14 years-- YAY for tween sizing!
  • Optional capris or shorts with a ruffled hem.
  • Cap sleeves, shirt tail hem, and gathered back yoke details really make this pattern.
  • Print your size only with layered template-- saves on ink!
  • Detail photographs with step by step instructions.
  • LIFE CHANGING video showing how to gather with clear elastic-- seriously the most amazing thing ever...I will never go back to gathering :)
  • Definitely a beginner pattern-- quick sew and easy for anyone!

My overall thoughts on this pattern, if you couldn't guess already, is that this is a MUST-HAVE! If you sew for girls that especially love the ruffles, this will be the perfect pj pattern for you. They will love the comfort on these and feel beautiful wearing them.

You can find them on sale now as part of the Bundle Up Sale going on over at Pattern Revolution along with 10 other beautiful patterns for Girls.

•$4.50 each for 6-7 ($27-31.50 total)
•$4.25 each for 8-9 ($34-38.25 total)
•$4.00 each for 10 or more ($40- $44 total)

What an incredible deal! Go grab them now, because they will only be available from today to February 2nd. Also available today in the bundle are the Freestyle Pants from EYMM designs that I tested!!!!!

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