{Kids Clothes Week} Day 1

Yesterday was the start of Kids Clothes Week! It is a site that has multiple challenges each year (each a different theme) and the objective of these challenges are to sew for one hour each day. You don't have to complete a project....you don't even have to be sewing the whole time. Just sit down, figure out what pattern that you want to sew, print and tape patterns...simply PLAN your sewing projects.

I just love sewing for my kids, so this was a really easy challenge for me. The theme this time is UPCYCLED. Well, I have a ton of old clothing sitting in a pile that has been screaming at me to use so it was perfect.

My fabric of choice for DAY ONE was an old pair of pants and work shirt that my husband has been holding onto from an old job. I knew that this fabric would be perfect for my rough & tumble boys!

We live in Texas, and unfortunately I know that it is only a matter of time before the temperature starts warming up, so I chose to go with some shorts. I searched for something a little more unique, yet simple because I have two boys and really needed a quick sew to bulk up their wardrobes. When I stumbled upon the Long Beach Board Shorts by Terra's Treasures, I knew that it would be perfect!

Look at that patch!!!! I thought that it would be a perfect addition to the superhero fabric because of the "injury free" part...lol. It doesn't take much to please me.

Got my pattern cut out of the upcycled pants, patch detached and I'm ready to go!

Are those not some of the cutest shorts?!? I think it took me a total of an hour and a half from cut to finish.

Ok, so let's talk...

{About the pattern}
  • HUGE size range-- 3-6 months to 14!!!!
  • Unique piping detail.
  • Quick and easy construction.
  • Unisex-- optional shorter length for girls.
  • Clear and detailed instructions.
  • Great beginner patter-- super simple!
My overall thoughts are that this is a staple pattern. It's really so quick and easy, I can see myself using it over and over. I think that it would make great swim trunks! I did choose not to do the piping detail as shown in the pattern because I was wanting to use things from my stash and not go out and buy anything new. I would imagine that the piping would add a little more difficulty to this pattern, but like I did, you always have the option to leave it off...they still look great without it.

So, what do ya say? Are you going to try out this pattern. Have you made it before? Share your thoughts and link to your creations in the comments. Don't forget to go check out Kids Clothes Week and sew something up for your own kiddos....and come back tomorrow for a peek at what I am work on for Day Two!!!!!



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