{Back to School Capsule} The One with the Progress

So, my progress on my son's Back to School capsule wardrobe has been super slow. We started homeschooling last Monday, so between prepping for that and now teaching, life has been super busy. I hoped by now that I would have most everything completed, but that is not the case...I WILL get there though! Ok, ok...I will be totally honest and say that I have barely even gotten ANYTHING completed...2 items. Yes that is it :( I am so intimidated by creating a whole wardrobe...for real (remember my first post). I am working through my fears though and trying not to look at the whole picture, but instead just take it one piece at a time. That is all that one can do when they have any sort of fear right?!?

Enough about my fears....let's talk about fabrics for a bit. When I decided to make my son a back to school wardrobe, I was worried about the cost honestly (and I do think that is where a lot of my worries come from) and how I would be able to put everything together in a cost effective way. I went window shopping at various online fabric shops to find a good palette of fabrics and create a color scheme that would work well for my son (you can see that palette/swatches here). However, in order to save some money, I also went shopping in my husbands closet. MUAHAHAHA!!!! Actually, he recently went through his clothes and got rid of a ton of items that he doesn't wear anymore or that don't fit...so I went shopping through those clothes to upcycle and I am so excited that so many of them fit into the mix.

A few fabric shops that I have made purchases at are Phat Quarters ran by my sewing buddy Gemia as well as Purple Seamstress Fabrics, and Peek A Boo Patterns. Being a SAHM myself, I always love to support other SAHM's and their businesses first before I visit the larger retailers. I have always been treated so well, and the customer service is always just OVER THE TOP! It gives me warm fuzzies inside :) AAAAAND, if you like to save money (who doesn't) Phat Quarters just happens to be having a SALE on all of their KNIT fabrics all month long to make room for fall collections coming soon. No coupon is necessary.

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Even though I am still nervous about this whole project, I AM very excited to see how it all comes together. The Back to School Capsule Tour has already begun, so you can catch up on that over at Rebel and Malice and enter all of the fun giveaways. Thank you so much for stopping by and holding my hand through this process!



  1. I love how it is coming together and that panel for that tee is amazing.

  2. I love these sews! And that I'm not the only one who needs to crank their school sewing into high gear! We can still totally do this, right?!?

    1. GIRL....I sure hope so...too funny that we are both doing the mini collection too. Let's be each other's cheerleaders :P


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