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Being that I just Finished testing the Tutu Twirl Tunic from Winter Wear Designs, it was still fresh on my mind going into this project. I felt the urge to use it for my look on the For the Love of Legends Blog Tour hosted by Phat Quarters and Crafting Con and it made the perfect canvas.

When I signed up for this tour I panicked, as I usually do, wondering what I had just gotten myself into. I didn't know anything about legends...or did I?!? When I started to do a little research, I quickly realized that I knew plenty about legends. Have you ever heard of Sasquatch, The Abominable Snowman, Yeti, Mermaid, Loch Ness Monster, Dragon, Gargoyle, Pixie....the list goes on and on!

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Immediately my first thought was Mermaid. I had a really fun idea to create a free motion applique Mermaid....I even sketched it out along with a few other things, but then I changed my mind. I had thought of THE perfect legend for us, the Unicorn. A Unicorn is so majestic and beautiful and seems to just glide through the sky and float among the clouds...well at least my unicorn does ;) The fun part about legends really, is that you can make it whatever you want, right???

So let me tell you a little story about why I chose the Unicorn. I am not sure if you can really tell in most of my pictures, but my beautiful little girl was born with a birthmark on her forehead. Thankfully she has never been teased for it, but if someone asks her about it she tends to get a little sensitive. One day she was feeling down because someone had pointed it out, so I was trying to cheer her up a bit. I made up our own story about it and pretended that she was really supposed to be a unicorn, but that her horn just never grew so she had the birthmark on her forehead instead. She absolutely LOVED it and it put the brightest smile on her face. So, now when anyone asks her about it she tells them that is where her horn was supposed to be. Of course the story has evolved a little bit over the years due to her super creative imagination, but that's fine by me!

I was shopping at my local quilt shop recently and they had quite a large selection of really nice quilting cottons. They just so happened to have some Heather Ross Far Far Away Unicorn in purple tucked in there, so I snagged a little bit for our project. Since I had just made the Tutu Twirl Tunic, I knew that it would work just great for the look we wanted to accomplish. I ended up extending the skirt to make it full length and was left with the perfect canvas for our saying "Be a Unicorn in a field of horses". Isn't that just the perfect quote?!? I used Siser HTV in Confetti Glitter for the quote, and Mustard knit from Girl Charlee for the tank. And just to add a little flair, I made a matching headband for her using THIS tutorial from Violette Field Threads.

My daughter is in LOVE with it and I am so excited to share our Unicorn look for this tour. Make sure that you follow along and enter to win all those fun goodies!!!!

For the Love of Legends Blog Tour hosted by CraftingCon and Phat Quarters 





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  1. absolutely love it - and I love your daughter and her unicorn birthmark - she is amazing and this outfit lets her shine as the unique and gorgeous creature that she is!

  2. That's the best story ever & you're an awesome Mom for building your daughter's confidence and teaching her to battle her insecurities like that. She is special & one of a kind!

    1. Awe, thank you <3 It is so hard, but we as moms just need to try our best!!!!

  3. awww! That is wonderful! And so true! <3

  4. Love the story about her unicorn birthmark! I have little points on my ears (not very pronounced but noticeable if you're looking at them) and my parents told me when I was little that it was because I am part elf! Even now I tell people that if they comment on them :P

    1. I love it! You have to feel special and unique <3

  5. I love the story about her birthmark. I have a scar on one of my knees that looks a lot like a hand. The dress is so cute and I love the fabrics used. I can even see myself wearing a dress out of the same combination!


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