{Riptide Reversible Shorties} 5 Out of 4 Patterns...and a lesson in CONFIDENCE!!!

I am always looking to further to sewing skills and test myself to see what I can do. When I had the opportunity to test the Riptide Reversible Shorties, I was a bit skeptical of myself. Not only because I have never sewn with swim material, but I knew that I was going to have to model them for pictures. I went ahead and bit the bullet though.

Let me tell you...actually cutting the spandex was the hardest part of the whole process, not the sewing. It is very slippery, but thankfully there are only a few small pattern pieces to cut, so it could always be worse. Sewing these up was surprisingly a very quick process. There are instructions for optional clear elastic in the legs so that it cups your cheeks and makes you look bootylicious, so I had to take it very slow with that because me and clear elastic don't get along very well. I might try a little swim elastic next time because it's a bit softer and maybe easier to use?!?! One can hope right! Trial and error is something that you just need to get use to when sewing for yourself, and I am learning to enjoy and embrace the process, because having clothes that actually fit you right will make you feel like a million bucks!!!!

Sorry for that little rant. Back to the pattern. The ruching along the side was much easier than expected, with the hardest part being actually trying to mark your guide lines on the fabric. Because I chose black spandex, a water soluble marker wouldn't show and I couldn't find my tailors chalk. In the end I got it all figured out, but that was some more trial and error...my fault, not the pattern's though. These are made to be reversible, but I was very disappointed in Joann's swimwear selection of prints, so I just used black inside and out. Since I didn't need them to be reversible, I cheated and just serged the waistband on instead of how the instructions show you to for a seamless finish.

Okay, okay...so I have completed the shorts, tried them on, they fit great, so now what??? Pictures. I stalled for quite a few days getting pics because I was dreading it. I finally just sucked it up one day and had my 7 year old go out to the back yard and take pictures for me. You want to know what the result was? I looked at those pictures and I felt sexy. I immediately felt my confidence rise and felt free for once. I had some swim bottoms that fit great and look fabulous on and it was freeing for me. Like I said earlier, I have always been so self conscious when at the pool, but wearing these I didn't feel that. I don't feel exposed, and I can run around and chase my kiddos and not worry about my suit going anywhere.

I not only learned some new sewing skills with these, but also gained so much confidence...something that I haven't felt in quite a while...especially when wearing a bathingsuit. And now I am sharing these pictures with the world.

You can find the Riptide Reversible Shorties on sale now through Tuesday, July 21st for just $7.95!!! If you are looking for a great top to match them with, her Agility Tank would make a great pairing. I hope to sew one up soon to go with my shorties...and maybe source some nicer spandex online too! *Note: I received this pattern for free in testing, but as always, all views are my own and honest.

Thank you for stopping by and letting me be brutally honest with you and myself <3



  1. Those look FANTASTIC on you and you look perfectly confident in your pictures. Way to go!

  2. You look fab! I'm about to stitch up a pair of shorties myself today (and hopefully wear them in the pool later). Fingers crossed they turn out well! I was planning on cheating on the waistband as well. AND, leaving out the ruching? Because I want them as high-waist bottoms. Hmm...

  3. You look fantastic!!! Your shorties are making me very tempted to go grab the pattern for myself right now! (Only thing holding me back is I've already bought three other swim patterns so far this summer and haven't made a single one yet... my husband may soon disown me! LOL)


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