{Sunday Lately} Week 41

Hey guys! How has your week been? Mine was a little off kilter, but we managed to get through it in one piece ;)

This weeks theme: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling

Planning: I have been working really hard to get a pretty solid idea of what my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe is going to look like. Everything from swatches, fabrics, patterns...the whole shebang! I am getting really stoked about everything that I have so far and the overall look that I will have in the end, I just hope it all pans out as planned....we all know how that goes RIGHT!?!

Loving: Getting my house in order is always a constant struggle for me. For the past 2 years it seems as though I have been de-cluttering my house and trying to get it to the state that I want. I know that I need to have patience with this, as I have young children and I cannot set my expectations too high. I have however, been able to get my craft/sewing room looking quite nice if I must say so myself. I went thrifting this week and found a filing cabinet that I gave a makeover, but I don't want to go too far into that because I have a post all about it coming this week! Until then, here is a sneak peek.

Reading: I am not one that reads too much, honestly. I just never make time for myself, but I do enjoy to read sewing blogs though! Does that count? The only physical books that I have read recently are Squanto for my daughters homeschooling and the American Girl Kaya book series for her book club that she is in, which just so happens to go along with the time period that we are studying in school.

Wishing: Do I need to pick just ONE wish? I wish that our camping trip was not a month away. I have been dying to go camping for years! We have not been since the kids were born, but I think that they are finally at the age where it can actually be enjoyable...at least one can hope right!?! Like I mentioned above, I went thrifting this week, and was excited to find a few great deals on some camping supplies! Now to just wait for the week after Halloween so we can put it to use.

Feeling: I always have the feels....I am a feelings kind of person (in case you don't know me too well). This week, my biggest "feeling" I would have to say would be missing my parents. They only live an hour away, but I am very family oriented, and I miss them so much. I want to be able to see them everyday and I am so very thankful to actually have that sort of relationship with my parents <3 Aren't they the cutest? Yes, they have chickens, and they love them very much ;)

What have YOU been up to this week?

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Sunday Lately with Katy, Nicole and Meghan.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for my special project coming this week.



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