{Everything But the Kitchen Sink Henley} by WWD

My daughter hit a serious growth spurt lately, and after cleaning out her closet, she literally had only a few shirts left and hardly any pants. I was really excited to work with Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs for the first time during testing the EBTKS (Everything But the Kitchen Sink) Henley, which made the perfect addition to my daughter's new wardrobe-in-the-making!

Look at those cutie pies! There are SO many options here that I have not seen in another Henley pattern before...one of which is the v-neck that I tested. Although it's not a functioning v-neck, I really like the unique look of it and the ability to add the buttons to it for a fun little touch. I will have to try and figure out a way to make one that's functioning! *edited to add that the functioning v-neck instructions have been added to the pattern instructions.

If you don't know me by now, you now that I LOVE options. If I can make dozens of shirts from the same pattern, and they all look very different, that is a good pattern to me....and well worth the money! Well, this shirt is definitely going to be one of my go-to patterns now and it's all in the title baby...EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK!!!! It's a very quick sew and perfect for both boys AND girls...even better :) Great size range too from 1-14!

Just look at how cute those gathered sleeves are...and the trim options are endless! I can't wait to make a bunch more of these and try some of the other options. I opted out of doing the welt pocket on this one because I wanted the focus to be on the v-neck, but I definitely want to try it on the next one. I have never done a welt pocket before so I am a little nervous, but Suzanne has some pretty awesome detailed instructions in there that make it a little less scary.

Which options will you try out first?



  1. great job - and I did add in the instructions for the fully functioning V placket as well with the final pattern - ask and it shall be granted ;o) Thanks for posting!!!

    1. I saw that after I posted this of course. I will go edit that and add it so there is no confusion :)


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