{Lotus Blossom Blouse} by Love Notions

I have been feeling a bit selfish lately, I must admit! I have been trying to work on myself for once...and in many different ways. I have started eating healthy again, been making big strides in my organization at home, and also trying to overall just be a better mother to my children. Doesn't that seem to be an ongoing thing that we can never just be satisfied with??? Anywho, that is a different story for a different day ;)

When I say selfish, I mean I have been sewing a lot for myself lately. I love me some selfish sewing! First of all, I really need some new clothes, and second of all, nothing beats sewing something up and trying it on and really and truly appreciating all the work that you have put into it. It feels really good and I am not sure that my kiddos really understand just yet, what all goes into my making their clothes.

I was really excited when Tami at Love Notions shared her vision for this blouse. It is so very unique, and flattering. It does a great job at hiding that mama tummy as well as having a little extra coverage in the bum area with the shirt-tail hem feature to hide that extra junk in the trunk that I am carrying! The fit is just spot on for me and I felt like a million bucks while wearing it....so comfy. I was really intrigued by the construction of this also. The twist blew my mind!!! I don't know how pattern designers figure these things out....maybe one day I can learn how to draft a pattern. Wouldn't that be fun?

My favorite part has to be the optional inset piece on the back. I love the lace here, but would also be very cute with a print....great scrap buster. This blouse is a really quick sew with it being only 2 (3 if you choose to do the inset) pattern pieces and featuring dolman sleeves. I think that hemming took longer than anything else did. Seriously easy-peasy! I also liked the soft v-neck here. I think that it is safe to say that I really like this blouse.

You can get this beaut on sale now! Oh, and did you see that it is available bundled with both Girl's and Women's sizes? Can you say "Mommy and Me" matching tops? lol. But really, how cool is that...her offering such a HUGE size range here. 2T-16 as well as XS-XXXL. Tami is always totally awesome at giving you the best bang for your buck!!!

Stay tuned for another AMAZING pattern from Love Notions coming in just a few more days. You WILL NOT want to miss out on this one ;) PROMISE!

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  1. I love your blouse, I've just printed the pattern, now I need to do my least favourite part, taping! But I can't want to make it, it's gorgeous!

    1. Taping is not so bad anymore since Tami switched over to trim free pages!!!! YAY!!!


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